Life is made up of complex and intertwining of relationships, many that go unnoticed on a daily basis. Often, we fail to recognize the impact our everyday interactions have on one another, losing each other to the blur of our everyday life. Yet, as humans, we have the potential to profoundly influence those around us. Sonder was launched with this concept in mind. We believe that collaboration is critical to creating innovative design and we team with clients to create unique and inspiring experiences.

Newly established in January 2016, we are a rapidly growing digital agency dedicated to creative solution hunting. Born from the ten year old agency, Graphic Fusion, Sonder has evolved, redefining every aspect of our brand – from embodying design evolution down to our own font to cultivating a culture of passion for our craft. We have a team of professionals who are the best in their field, and with them we are reaching towards new heights and success.

At Sonder we strive to work with trailblazers, educators, and leaders – learning from them while also teaching. We offer a wide range of services, including: multimedia production, interactive design, brand development, and digital marketing, and specialize in giving products and services a human element.

Sonder stands apart from other agencies by offering a complete suite of services, as well as a state of the art video studio. Every project we take on, involves our entire staff. We push each other’s thought process to spark new ideas and produce the best product possible.

True Innovation is reached through creating relationships that evoke the best of who we are. We can’t begin to understand the complexity of all of these interactions, but we are aware of how our creativity and passion can affect others around us. As individuals, we care. As a full-service team we realize, we create and we evolve with you.