Color has long been a key influencer on our mood and behavior. We are constantly and subconsciously responding to our environment, and the colors that surround us have a detectable impact on our emotions. In fact, the psychology of color is a favorite topic among most people. It’s one of the first questions asked on dates, it’s in the theme of your social media profile, it’s on your phone case, or your desktop screen background. Your favorite color is likely hanging somewhere on your walls, or scattered in accents across your living space. Our favorite things, our creature comforts, are draped in the colors we positively respond to.  Since we place so much of our personality in our color choices, how can this awareness affect your inner circle? Learning how to reflect the personal preferences of your team can create a lasting positive impression on anyone you choose to welcome in.

Arguably, the most powerful currency a person can possess is their first impression. The impact of your color choices communicates a lot about you and how digital presence resonates with potential customers is as affected by color as much as your physical dwellings are. Our creative team is hyper-aware of how a viewer responds to a digital, print, or painted hue. Recently, we were tasked with digitally recreating a watercolor painting because the colors in the painting made such a strong impact on our client that they wanted them expressed throughout their entire brand.  This was an example of a diligent process of trial and error, necessary, to capture the nature of the painted original. All of the colors in the digital representation were carefully crafted by layering colors and pixels together to create an entire visual identity that was translated throughout all marketing collateral.

That being said, it’s likely that you, too, have already selected a color theme for your visual identity. These palettes can work for you in a few different ways: strong contrasting primary colors deliver the message of authority or strength. Black is elegant, powerful and serious while neutrals are delicate and clean, providing a soft background noise for the subject matter you want to emphasize. Blues and whites are welcoming, and greens signal balance and growth. But beyond even just your personal choice of colors, how you choose to decorate the spaces around you has a direct influence on your inner orbit. Your team responds to these cues as well, and knowing this, you can craft a space that’s welcoming and energizing – your conference rooms can inspire collaboration, your office can communicate authority and superiority.

brain-01Working in a creative environment means recognizing that each member of your team may respond differently to the spaces they share. Working as a family of different tastes and different sources of inspiration, we’ve designed and dedicated separate spaces to better serve our staff’s changing needs. We even line in the inside of our sound booth, between the foam panels, with LED lights that change color with the click of a remote. This feature was designed with the intent that whomever is reading from a script or prompt is not only comfortable, but is also in a inspirationally creative frame of mind.

Whether it is creating your own unique work environment, your personal space or the visual identity of your company, color is integral to the message that is sent and how it is perceived. Our team knows how powerful a tool color can be, let us pick the perfect palette for you.