“What makes you, ‘you’?” A question we’re continually asking ourselves, as well as our clients. The answer to your brand lies not in your proposal, or business plan, but in your passions. It’s in the back story; in the: ‘why you got started’ question, and the: ‘why you kept going’ plot line. It’s not in the syllables of what you promise to do, or, how you can do it better. But, rather, in the entrepreneur’s carefully crafted and protected dream. The promise to build a brand, is the realization that business we’re branding is looking to solidify their message, and differentiate their voice from the masses.

Final resized pull quoteSo by the time they get to us, most clients are used to the drill: the perfect position and pitch, the well manicured approach as to why we should be interested in working with them. They’re questionable, and wondering how we’re going to do it differently from the last guy. The guy that never finished projects on time, or left their logo sloppy and unfinished.  The guy who didn’t fully realize that he was crafting someone’s personal evolution.We’re not that guy, we’re the guy on your sidelines, we’re the guy on your team.

What does it mean to ‘rebrand’? For us, it means we’re building a visual identity for you from the ground up. We host a team of creators in this nation of innovators. We’ve rebranded ourselves and countless others in a unique environment of creative collaboration. Our process includes specialized attention to detail; we designed our own font for our own agency, and for other clients as well. We want to make sure that every detail, down to the typeface, is representative of who you are, and that those tiny details work seamlessly together to generate a flawless product. Building a visual identity should be a crafted process, a combination of preferences, personality, voice and interactions. Every detail should be working together to create a platform that attracts your audience and engages them.

Sonder Blueprint ImageSonder is the realization that this human element is the most glitteringly attractive quality your brand can offer. We like to work with stories and build relationships with the people who are trusting us with this vital aspect of their business. A brand is essential to catapult entrepreneurship into new realms of success. From the logo, to the font, to the website – the point of a brand is to convey who you are within a few seconds. The best brands inspire immediate recognition with their logos and products. That creative ingenuity is what keeps us thriving.

Branding-GIFThe benefits to branding your company are endless. Not only will you become immediately more recognizable, but people simply respond better to brands. The notion of a brand is to build loyalty with your customer base, to engage them in your passions with you. And loyalty starts from within, employees often feel more involved in their companies if they’re branded, and have a strategic approach to getting their name and product out there. People find fulfillment in finding something to work for and those relationships carry over to us, your branding and marketing team. We’re looking for creative collaborations with people and products we can really stand behind. Change happens collectively, and we’re excited push your passions through every step of your evolution.

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