Millennials In The Workplace

Times are changing rapidly now, and everyone is feeling the stress of the upcoming year. We’re filled with questions like, ‘who’s going to lead us next?’, and ‘what’s going to happen to our economy?’ ‘to our housing markets?’ ‘to our jobs’? We’re looking closer and closer at the millennial generation and how their ideologies and […]

The Power of Relationships

As technology increases, communication between each other has become easier and almost instantaneous. As a web design agency and marketing team, we excitedly embrace these advancements. They allow us the freedom to talk, play, and create, fluidly and seamlessly. As communication flows easier, it becomes easier for us to deepen the connection between our projects […]

The Creation of a Brand

“What makes you, ‘you’?” A question we’re continually asking ourselves, as well as our clients. The answer to your brand lies not in your proposal, or business plan, but in your passions. It’s in the back story; in the: ‘why you got started’ question, and the: ‘why you kept going’ plot line. It’s not in […]

The Psychology of Color

Color has long been a key influencer on our mood and behavior. We are constantly and subconsciously responding to our environment, and the colors that surround us have a detectable impact on our emotions. In fact, the psychology of color is a favorite topic among most people. It’s one of the first questions asked on […]

Welcome to Sonder.

Life is made up of complex and intertwining of relationships, many that go unnoticed on a daily basis. Often, we fail to recognize the impact our everyday interactions have on one another, losing each other to the blur of our everyday life. Yet, as humans, we have the potential to profoundly influence those around us. […]