From Zero to the Undisputed Ultimate Sneaker Cleaner

In 2013, founder Stephen Grear turned his passion into a product. Sonder created the visual brand identity, launched a campaign, designed product packaging, and created an intuitive ecommerce website for Reshoevn8r, helping turn an idea into one of the world’s leading shoe care products.

Reshoevn8r Works

forever fresh

Reshoevn8r naturally appeals to cultured sneaker-heads who treasure their fashion. These shoe-connoisseurs have been running their game long before the kick-craze made it’s full fledged comeback. This slick, street cool customer base was who Reshoevn8r was designed for. We knew the packaging design had to reflect the same clean, bold, sporty aesthetic. Reshoevn8er is energetic and fresh but more importantly it works and works very well. This is really what makes Reshoevn8r the coolest – it not only looks the part but it lives up to its promise.

For The Web

Born and Raised Online

Reshoevn8r is a purely internet driven business with no physical storefront. To ensure the viability of the business an attractive, visually immersive, easy to use, and attention grabbing website needed to be built. The fun and fresh theme was applied throughout the site and was coupled with a clean design and user-friendly eCommerce system.