Times are changing rapidly now, and everyone is feeling the stress of the upcoming year. We’re filled with questions like, ‘who’s going to lead us next?’, and ‘what’s going to happen to our economy?’ ‘to our housing markets?’ ‘to our jobs’? We’re looking closer and closer at the millennial generation and how their ideologies and needs are changing the environments they start to inhabit, as they grow out on their own. The priority of work is slowly shifting from regimented to creative.

The oldest member of the millennial generation, at this date, is around 34, and the youngest are 18. Statistics show that the millennial generation has now surpassed the baby-boomers as the largest labor force. Even more interesting is that the millennial generation is now being looked at as the true entrepreneurial generation. In responses to a nation-wide survey, 67% dream of owning their own businesses, while only 13% plan to climb the corporate ladder.

This changes the game a bit, to how can this differently minded generation be integrated into a productive workforce. The tone around millennials is now changing to questions, ‘how can we attract them to work for us?’, ‘what qualities are these people looking for in a work environment?’, ‘how can we adapt’?

The preceding generation forgets that the millennial generation understands in the pressure of a difficult economy, they’re required to be more nimble, more forward-thinking, and more independent in their pursuit for success.

They’re redefining what success means to them. Creative agencies have been the way of the future for a while, but as more millennials enter the workplace, more are attracted to jobs, and positions, that will allow them to grow, and sharpen, a personal passion of theirs. Our multimedia department is run by a diamond-in the-rough, talented 20 year old, who is shooting videos that are, not only, visually stunning, but are beautifully and innately, human.

Our team is compiled of a wide spectrum of millennial generation, with perhaps, a few teetering on the cusp. In a lot of ways, we’re different. We do have nerf guns in our offices and couches in an open-office floorplan. We all get to design a little bit of our space, or nook, and personalize it to our own. The work we produce is always cohesive and collaborative and we truly can come together as a team, with each person maintaining their independent, and individual role. Maybe there’s an unconventionality in the way we do things that some could critique, but the undeniable nature is – if unconventionality becomes the new normal, than what’s conventional now, becomes out-dated. Right?

Maybe the most important, sub-conscious, quality of the millennial generation, is that they value life in a completely different, individualistic, capacity. They want to connect with people, see new places while they’re young. They want to feel as though they’re together in some capacity, working toward a common goal.

They seem to understand that loyalty, to anything, lies in kindness. The scattering of their personalities, as they overflow into a workplace, can be seen as a source of inspiration. As companies develop and take life, they’re keeping this in mind as an attractive asset to offer the incoming labor force.

Millennials work by delving continually inside of themselves, to produce something encompassing of both them, and the mission they connect to. That altruistic quality should not be overlooked.The ‘over-sharing’ generation may hold the key to understanding that well-developed relationships hold the key to success. Realizing that, companies can create spaces rich in opportunities, so that each team-member can individually evolve along the way.