Fox Sports Fan App

We answered the call when a top sports broadcasting company needed their vision manifested. Designed to serve the fan in a new way, Sonder delivered an early prototype for the Fox Sports Fan App. The boundaries were pushed to create a concept that was both functional with a visual appeal that was unlike anything on the market.

Scores, News, Commentary

in one place, at a glance

Fans can easily customize their unique feed on the fly. Stories of non-interest are discarded by automatic filtering and result in a news feed specifically catered to each individual user of the app. Constructed to present a custom tailored feed of content, easily navigable within a single screen, the Fan app successfully consolidates the functionality of a typically flat content stream into a dynamic viewing experience.

Designing for Touch

swipe, drag, tap all come into play

At the small screen, every pixel of space matters. The size of hit-areas and readable text must all be considered. The best app design gets the most out of utilizing the native touch features already built into modern devices.